Prism is a software aimed at animation and VFX projects. Its goal is to automate organizational tasks and simplify different steps of the workflow, when creating digital images. One key aspect of Prism is that it is very artist friendly and easy to use. No programming skills are required to setup and to use Prism, which make it the perfect tools for teams and individuals, who want to focus on the creative parts of a project.

The images in this documentation were mostly taken from Prism Standalone, Houdini- or Maya- integration of Prism, but the Prism user interface in other DCC applications is almost identical. The features described in this documentation can be applied to the integration of all supported programs.


For a list of new features go to the Changelog

Supported Software

Prism can be used as a separate software (standalone), but most of the time you will use Prism inside some DDC apps (Digital Content Creation Application). In the list below you can see, which DCC integrations are available on which OS and which versions are supported. Additional versions can work but are untested and not officially supported. The goal is always to support the latest version of a DCC app.

Integration Windows Linux Mac OSX Supported Versions
3dsMax X     2017-2019
Blender X     2.79-2.80
Fusion X     9.02
Houdini X X X 16.0-17.5
Maya X X X 2016-2019 (earlier versions untested)
Natron X X   2.13-2.14 (earlier versions untested)
Nuke X X X >10.0 (earlier versions unstable)
Photoshop X   X CS6, CC (earlier versions untested)
Standalone X X X  

Additional integrations can be developed by 3rd parties and can be used in combination with the official Prism software.